Report Rang 5-6


Energy comes in different forms. Energy sources are divided into two groups – renewable and non-renewable.
Renewable energy is something that can easily be reused. Solar energy, which comes from the sun, can be turned into heat and electricity. Geothermal energy comes from heat inside the earth. Wind energy comes through huge windmills and Hydro-power comes from water.
Non-renewable energy sources come from fossil fuels such as oil, coal, turf, wood. Once these are gone they can’t be replaced. It is said that in 50 years we will have no oil in the world.
All renewable and non-renewable energy sources are made to generate the electricity we need for our homes, schools and factories. It runs our TVs, computers and washing machines. Without electricity, we wouldn’t be able to do anything. We use oil and gas to heat our homes, drive our cars, etc.
In conclusion, we need to save energy because all fossil fuels are running out and we can’t replace them. We have to start energy conservation at home by turning off lights and computers. We should try and walk to school or work. Without energy, nothing will work!

Seán Guerin, 6th Class


Class Presentations

In class, we each prepared a PowerPoint presentation on a topic of our choice. We presented it to the class and spoke on each slide. We enjoyed learning about our topic and how to use PowerPoint. Here are some of our presentations, which will open in a new tab.

Scotland by William Brosnan, 5th Class

New Zealand by Adam Dineen, 5th Class

Poland by Joey Heffernan, 6th Class

World War ll  by Mike Murphy, 6th Class


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