Report Rang 3-4


London is the capital city of England. London was discovered in 2,000 BC. London is the biggest city in Europe. There are over 7 million people living there and a lot of them are from different countries.
London is also known as Square Mile. 1,000 years ago, the Tower of London was made. It holds the crown jewels. One of the tallest buildings in London is the Canary Wharf Tower. London has the world’s highest wheel with spectacular views from the top. You can see Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Tower of London and Wembley Stadium from the top. Big Ben is beside the Houses of Parliament. The name Big Ben is not the tower but is the bell inside it.
There are lots of museums and galleries which hold paintings and works of art.
The River Thames flows through London. London is the first city to have an underground railway which is known as the Tube.
The British Museum is on the Bloomsbury Way. There is a transport museum in London and there is a war museum.
My mom went to London. I would like to go to London.

Daniel O’Leary, 3rd Class


thumbnailWhales are huge. The biggest whale is the Blue Whale. They can grow up to 30 metres. They weigh up to 150 tonnes – that’s 200 people or 35 elephants.
Whales communicate by echoes. Sometimes if you see a whale in the ocean and you hear it whine, the echo goes through the sea until it hits its target or sometimes it might wear off.
Killer whales sometimes eat shrimp, squid, fish, sea lion pups and penguins. They swim with the waves to wash onto beaches to capture its prey and then it wiggles back out to the ocean with the help of the tide pulling it out. Killer whales are one of the most vicious whales in the world.
Whales do not breathe in water. They breathe air – so every once in a while, they have to come up to the surface to squirt out the water and breath in the air with the help of their blow hole.
When a whale is swimming, its tail goes up and down very slowly because it’s pushing tonnes and tonnes of water so it can move.
I think whales are one of coolest things in the world.

Dillon Walsh, 3rd Class

Moto GP

thumbnailMoto GP is a type of sport. It’s all about motorbikes and racing. Valentino Rossi is an Italian professional motor bike racer and has won the Moto GP many times. Valentino Rossi drove the Ducati for the last two seasons. He will go back to driving the Yamaha next season which will be Starting in March 2013.
I love Moto GP.

Dylan O’Riordan, 4th Class


thumbnailA Pitbull is a type of dog. There are different types of Pitbulls, like the American Bulldog and Bull Terrier. Pitbulls eat different types of food, such as rabbit, dog food and raw meat. They live on land and are sometimes used for fighting. Pitbulls are dangerous to humans if provoked, so be careful! There have been cases of people being mauled to death by Pitbulls but I still think that they are a good dog.

Aaron Cremin, 4th Class

The Banana

thumbnailThe banana is a yellow curved fruit that grows in countries such as Peru, Brazil and India and is sold all over the world. The banana was first found by Alexander the Great in India 327 B.C. and were only introduced to the U.S. in 1876.
The banana tree is not really a tree but a giant herb and the banana is its fruit. The banana is often eaten on its own but is also used for desserts and can be dried and stored for a very long time. The banana is the 4th most popular fruit in the world.
Overall, I think the banana is a very funny because in 2001 almost 300 people in the U.K. slipped on banana peels and it also comes in red and purple!

 Aidan O’Keeffe, 4th Class
(Who also loves bananas!)


thumbnailItaly is located in Southern Europe and has a population of 60 million. The capital city of Italy is Rome. Italy uses a currency of Euro similar to Ireland. Its official language is Italian. The area of the country is 301,263 square km.
The shape of the country is similar to that of a high heeled boot. It is a very wealthy country with very many resources of its own. These are for its own use and for export, ranging from textiles to food, minerals and marble. It is the 5th most popular country in Europe and 23rd most popular in the world.
There is a city within Rome called the Vatican City, which is the head of the Roman Catholic Church. This is a popular tourist attraction for many visitors every year. The Vatican City boasts great wealth and many of its buildings are finished externally in solid gold and marble. The head person of the church is named Pope Francis and he lives in the Vatican.
The Italian people are famous for their love of food and dining. Pasta & pizza are very common. Italian wine from many of the country’s vineyards provide another source of tourism. Milan is the fashion capital of the country famous for its style. Venice unlike any other city has canals for streets, and gondolas for cars.

Hugh O’Connor, 3rd Class

The Caracal

thumbnailThe Caracal lives in Africa but does not like deserts. It is the tenth largest cat out of 36 in all. The Caracal is a fierce and powerful looking species of wild cat. These cats are mostly nocturnal.
They usually eat small animals like rats, hares and birds. They kill their prey by biting the animal’s neck. This is a very clever cat at catching birds as they fly away. They are famous for jumping and are strong and very quick.
It is named after it’s ears. The word caracal means ‘black ear’ in Turkish.

Aaron Walsh, 3rd Class


thumbnail Snow comes from frozen ice crystals from the atmosphere. It is like cotton candy. It falls from the sky. Snow is mainly found in places far away from the equator. The sun does not shine in high places mainly in the arctic. It can cancel school for the pupils. It can cause so many accidents around the world. I think snow is excellent.

Pete Goggin, 3rd Class

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