Report Rang 3-4

Each term, we learn to write a different genre of writing
Here are a few of our Report Writing accounts

Ethiopia is a country in the north east of Africa. Its capital city is Addis Ababa and its population is 84,734,262. It’s fifteen times the size of Ireland.
Ethiopia’s main religions are Christian and Muslim. Christmas is celebrated in Ethiopia and it is called Ganna. Christmas falls on 7th of January each year.
Ethiopia is a very poor country, with famine and disease being a constant problem. Their main foods are breads, stews, grain and spices. The climate and small portions of land are two reasons why there is often famine.
Most families have between six and twelve children. The women usually work at home while many of the fathers work on the land. Life for the children is hard but they enjoy playing games with others.
Ethiopians have very hard lives and I think they’re very hard workers.

Seán Murphy, 4th Class

Grizzly Bears

Grizzly bears are animals with brown fur. Their claws are the size of a human finger. They can smell predators or food from miles away. They grow between 170cm to 280cm in height. They live near mountains, rivers and forests in Canada and Alaska.
Grizzly bears eat animals, grass, roots, berries, insects, fish and large mammals. They need to gain 6kg of weight each day during the summer for hibernation.
They dig dens on a north facing slope to ensure good snow coverage and they can have 2 to 3 cubs. They are born in January and February while the mother is in hibernation. The cubs stay with their mother for 2 to 4 years.

Steven Browne, 4th Class

The Springer Spaniel

The Springer Spaniel is a medium sized dog and they were originally bred for hunting birds. Many people buy Springer Spaniels for hunting but they also make fantastic family pets.
These dogs normally come in two colour patterns. For example, black and white or brown and white, plus they have long hairy ears. Springer Spaniels are full of energy and they are very gentle and loving. They need loads of attention and exercise and they are brilliant with children.
Springer Spaniels are very healthy dogs and they will eat almost anything. They are easy to look after and all they need is a place to run around and play. Ideally, their owners need to spend a lot of time with their Springer Spaniel as they can get lonely.
I think Springer Spaniels are very good to play with.

Stephen Murphy-McAree, 3rd Class


Spain is located in South-Western Europe. The population of Spain is over 47 million. The currency in Spain is the Euro. Spain has a king called Juan Carlos. The Prime Minister of Spain is called Mariano Rajoy. It is also part of the European Union.
Spain has a great climate with warm summers and mild winters. Many tourists visit Spain every year because of its weather. They have really nice beaches and resorts.
Popular dishes in Spain include paella, tapas and fish. They like to drink sangria.
Spanish people are very passionate about football. Their two best teams are Barcelona and Real Madrid. Spain won the World Cup in 2010. In Spain, bullfighting and flamenco dancing are part of their culture.
Presently Spain is in a recession like Ireland.
When I’m older, I hope to play for Barcelona and live in sunny Spain. Viva Espana!

Reporter: Ronan O’Driscoll, 3rd Class


Salmon is a fish located in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and is now being introduced to the Great Lakes of North America.
Young salmon eat insects and plankton. Adult salmon eat other fish, squid, eels and shrimp. Unlike all other salmon, the Sockeye salmon has a diet that consists almost entirely of plankton.
The population of salmon is hard to estimate due to large numbers of species and their wide habitat range. However, population numbers in the Atlantic Ocean and in parts of the Pacific as well as the Colorado River have dropped hugely from what they were historically. In the Colorado River, for instance, salmon numbers are down to three per cent of what they were during the time of Lewis and Clark.
Salmon are born in freshwater rivers and immigrate to salt water oceans where they live most of their life. They come back to freshwater to spawn. After spawning, all Pacific salmon and up to fifty per cent of other species die within a few weeks. The salmon that live, can spawn two or three more times.

Antony Higgins, 4th Class
(who likes to eat salmon!)

Manchester United report

Manchester United is a Premier League football club in England. The club was founded in 1878 but they were originally called Newton Heath and they changed their name in 1902 to Manchester United.
In a tragic accident in 1958, 8 of their best players were killed in a plane crash in Munich. Since the tragedy, the club has been rebuilt and they are now the most successful club in England with a record of 19 titles.
In 1999, Manchester United was the first English club to secure the treble of the FA Cup, Premier League and the Champions League. Also, in 2011 they made history by beating Chelsea to win their 19th Premier title. Due to their ongoing success they are one of the wealthiest and most supported teams in the world.
In my opinion, I think they are the best team in the world and Alex Ferguson is the best Manager.

Pádraig O’Sullivan, 4th Class

German Shepherds

German Shepherds were first bred in North West Germany of the year 1899. German Shepherds are very, very smart dogs. There are many breeds of German Shepherds.
They are working dogs and were first used for herding and guarding sheep. Now they are often used for police and military purposes.
There are hundreds of different breeds of German Shepherds and many many types of colours. Because of its speed, smartness and obedience, training it is often employed in police and military services around the world. The German Shepherd is the most intelligent dog of all.
I like the German Shepherds because they are very playful and hyper. Jackson is my German Shepherd; he is all black in colour.

Dylan Reidy, 4th Class

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