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My Favourite thing

Books are my favourite things in the world. I like Dinosaur books the best. I like them because of the pictures. Dinosaurs are green, red and yellow. I like the ones with wings the best because they can fly. Dinosaurs eat other dinosaurs. I like dinosaurs because they are big. There are no dinosaurs in Ireland because they are all dead.

Michael Cronin, Age 6, Junior Infants

My favourite thing is homework. I like homework because you get to read books. I read every night with my Mom and my Dad and I like reading with them the best because they help me. Faster Than You is my favourite book. Dash and Tufty have a race and they both win. They were the same speed and they were both happy. I don’t read at the weekends because I am busy writing and playing my Wii. I like Newmarket because it’s my favourite place.

Cillian Saville, Aged 6, Senior Infants 

My favourite book is Muddle Farm. It’s about animals that make the wrong sound. The cow says ‘Woof’ and the dog says ‘Baa’ and the sheep says ‘Quack’ and even the farmer said ‘Cock-a-doodle-do’. I like this book because it’s really funny. My Mom read this book with me in the evening. I got this book for homework. I am really good at reading.

Alex Dineen, aged 5, Junior Infants  


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