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How to Grow a Hyacinth

If you follow these steps you will grow a beautiful plant with a sweet fragrance.

Things you will need:

–         Container, something like a carafe, in glass, or a stylish container.

–         Water

–         Hyacinth bulb

1. Find a suitable container. A narrow-necked container with a broad base is ideal. It is great if it is glass but a stylish container of any sort is excellent.

2. Fill the container up to the neck with water.

3. Place the bulb in the shallow top part of the container.

4. Keep in an area of low light to allow for growth of the roots.

5. Shift the container to a brighter place once there is strong root growth in place. From this point, the bulb will continue to grow into a complete hyacinth plant.

Enjoy the fragrance of the plant. Once the hyacinth flowers are in place, the scent will be delicious. Take advantage of the portability of the container to move it around the house as wished; from the dinner table to the lounge, etc.

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