Persuasive Rang 3-4

You write a persuasive report to argue a case from a particular point of view and encourage the reader towards the same way of seeing things. Before writing, you should gather information on the topic. The opening statement is what sums up your viewpoint. Then write information that backs up your point of view. And finally, the closing statement reinforces the original point of view. It’s important to address your audience directly and to write in simple present tense.

Aidan O’ Keeffe, 4th Class

Smoking is bad for your health

Although not everybody would agree, I want to argue that smoking is bad for your health and can even kill you.
I have good reasons for arguing for this point of view. My first reason is that smoking is responsible for several diseases. These include lung cancer, throat cancer and heart disease.  It also causes bronchitis and emphysema, which can make breathing very difficult.
My next reason is that smoking can affect the health of people around them.  This is called passive smoking.  Worldwide 5.5 million die every year from smoking.
Furthermore, people do not realise the amount of bad chemicals in the tar of cigarettes. It is like putting weed killer into your body. Why would you want to do this to your body? Crazy!
Therefore, although some people might argue that smoking is really cool, it really stinks.  Smokers will lose between ten and fifteen years of their potential life span.
I think I have shown that smoking is one of the worst things for your health.

Ronan O’Driscoll, 3rd Class

Why you should use computers in school

Although not everybody would agree, I want to argue that computers are a good benefit for pupils in primary school.

  • It’s easier to download books on the computers than to buy the books.
  • You save a lot of money and it would be a lot easier on pupils as they wouldn’t have to carry heavy school bags.
  • It’s easier to work on and it cuts out a lot of paper for the teacher.
  • Even though people may not agree that computers should be in school, I think I have shown that computers should be in school.

Michael Browne, 4th Class

Why exercising is good for you

You should exercise because exercising is healthy for your body. It is a strengthening thing for your heart, which is a very important because your heart is the engine of your body. It keeps your lungs healthy and keeps your body active which can help you live a longer life. It helps reduce cholesterol which is very important as this can be harmful to your well-being. You might not like exercising but I hope the above shows you the benefits. Exercising is healthy for you and your body.

Kalem Browne, 3rd Class


I exercise my horse out on the fun rides.  Some people don’t like horses because they think cows are better.
We help the farmers to keep away the foxes with the hounds.
Meeting and making new friends and learning from them and having fun hunting.
We will put up the wire after using the field for riding and not putting up the wire after us.
If you aren’t an active member of the Club, you cannot come on the day because you are not a club member.
You learn a lot on hunting.  I think I have proven my point.

Martin Murphy, 3rd Class

Why children should play sports

I have several reasons for why children should play sports.
My first reason is most children spend all their free time watching tv and playing video games, instead of going outside and doing something physical.
Secondly children who participate in sport are most likely to be in good shape.
Another reason is most parents are encouraged to ensure their children participate in sport so that they have balanced personalities.
Finally at least 30% of Irish children do not participate in sport in their free time.
I think that I have shown why children should do sport and not watch too much tv or play too many video games. In my opinion, I think that you should enjoy sport because of the positive benefits.

Hugh O Connor, 3rd Class

Computer games      

I think that computer games have their advantages as they help us learn and have fun. Computers are good for us because they help us. They teach us a lot such as reading, writing and history.
A further reason computers are good for us is because they are fun.
Furthermore, they improve our confidence because if you learn how to do something correctly and by yourself then you become more confident.
Therefore, although some people might argue that computer games are bad for you, I don’t agree.
I think I have shown that computer games have their advantages as they help us learn and have fun.

Luke Browne, 4th Class 

Fox hunting is a good sport

Although not everybody would agree, I want to argue that fox hunting is a good sport. I have several reasons for arguing this point of view. My first reason is that farmers are glad that most of the foxes are gone because their animals are all ok. A further reason is that sick foxes can spread disease to a farmer’s cattle by drinking out of cattle water. Therefore, fox hunting should not be banned. There a threat to wildlife and animals.

In conclusion, although some people might argue that fox hunting is a cruel sport, I think I have shown that I am positive for fox hunting.

Adam Birtley, 4th Class

Why you should not play video games:

Video games contain violence which people pick up and do in real life. Video games could hurt your eyes and then you would need glasses. If your eyes got hurt the glasses could cost you a lot of money. You could also buy a game that cost too much or if you can’t get it, you could start crying.
I think you should get out more and go for walks more.

Ryan O’Flaherty, 3rd Class

Why you should do hip hop and dance

I think you should do hip hop and dance because you can learn a new skill to show off.
Furthermore, you can meet new people and interact with them. You get a new talent to show your friends and family.
Although other people may argue with my points my view, I think you should do hip hop and dance.

Aaron Cremin, 4th Class

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