Our facts about the Frog

  • Frogs lay their eggs in water.
  • The eggs are stuck together in frogspawn.
  • The eggs hatch into tadpoles.
  • Tadpoles live in water.
  • They have gills to breathe and tails to swim, like fish.
  • Tadpoles eat plants.
  • Tadpoles grow into frogs.
  • Frogs are green and sit on lily pads
  • Frogs have lungs to breathe and legs to hop.
  • Frogs are amphibians.  They live on land and in water.  They live near swamps, ponds and in wet places like fields and bogs.
  • Frogs have long sticky tongues to catch bugs.
  • Frogs never close their eyes, even when they are asleep!
Category: Science
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