Newmarket is a small town in the north west of Cork, it has a population of about 2,000.

Newmarket got its name when the landlord Richard Allworth had two new markets built in the town, consequently, the town was known as Newmarket. Newmarket once had a railway which was built in 1889 going from Newmarket to Banteer until it was closed down in 1963. At the top of the town, there is a wood known as the Island wood. This provides the town with a wonderful nature walk, a wonderful amenity. It also has two primary schools, one at each side of town, 3 restaurants and a church called St. Mary’s church which was built in 1834.

In my opinion, I think Newmarket is a great place to live and I am proud to live here

written by,Aidan o Keeffe,rang6

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