Narrative Infants

Our story….

Once upon a time there were two kids called Jack and Jill. Jack was 6 years old and Jill was 5. They were tall, thin and they had blonde hair. They lived in Africa with their parents.
One day they went to the shop and bought a lotto ticket. Afterwards they went home and watched the lotto on tv. They had the right numbers and they won! They went wild; they booked a flight to go to Ireland and when they were in Ireland they got a snake. They enjoyed their holiday. The End.

Authors: Brion O’ Keeffe, Eoin Goggin, Sam Mueller, Diarmuid O’Donovan
and Alan McCarthy

Illustrators: Sam Mueller and Diarmuid O’Donovan
Typed by: Brion O Keeffe

Then again….

Once upon a time there was a dog called Max. He was brown, cute and friendly. The dog was very nice to his owner John. John and his dog lived in a little shed in the forest. John was gone on holidays to America so his dog minded a very special suitcase in the shed. There was gold in the suitcase. One night a robber came and tried to steal the suitcase. But the dog woke up. He bit the robber in his leg and scared the robber away forever. When the owner came back the dog told him what happened. The owner was impressed with his dog and he patted him on the head.

 Authors: Anthony O’Donovan, Ronan Brosnan, Charlie Saville, Michael Cronin and Dylan O’Connor
Illustrators: Charlie Saville and Michael Cronin
Typed by: Anthony O Donovan

Keep reading…

Once upon a time there was a tiger called Tadhgie and a tiger called Lucy. They were boyfriend and girlfriend. Tadhgie owned a plane and they lived together on the plane. After a while, they decided to go to Africa for a holiday. Tadhgie bought a ring for Lucy because they were going to get married. Eventually, they reached Africa and they got married in a church. The following day, they had a cub on Wednesday 28th of October. The cub was named Ryan and he was very small.
They lived happily ever after.

Authors: Calum Cronin, Ciaran Lynch, Colin Lehane and Colin O’ Leary
Illustrators: Colin O Leary and Ciaran Lynch
Typed by: Calum Cronin

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