My week at the beach


My family went to the beach during the summer. We went on the 25th of June. I went to the beach because my Mom wanted to. We rented out a caravan. We all could barely fit into the caravan. That night we were all tired so a few of us had to sleep on the floor. But I sneaked into the bed with my Mom and Dad.

The next morning I went out to play in the beach. Then at 7 o clock we went out to eat. We went to a restaurant. It was called The Wheelhouse. They gave me free coke. It was really lovely. That night my Dad and I went out at 3 in the morning. We decided to play a quick game of hurling. My Dad and I were caught because the sliotar hit the caravan. My mom went mad so we went back in to the caravan and fell asleep until 11.00 the next morning.

I had a great summer at the beach and we have planned a trip there next year.


                                                                                                                                                                                         Troy O’ Donoghue 4th Class

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