My Trip To Tayto Park

 On July the 12th my Mom, Sandra, Dylan and I went to Tayto Park in Ashbourne county Meath for a holiday. Tayto Park has lots of fun activities to do. The Tayto factory is there and there are animals to see and gift shops to buy nice things.

On the morning of Tayto Park I got up early got dressed had my breakfast and we travelled to Meath. It was a very long drive and the weather was very hot. I played on my 3ds to pass away the drive.

We arrived in Ashbourne . We checked into the room. The room was very nice and had a TV. After the hotel we walked around the town. I got cool pencils and iphone rubbers in a shop there. We ate in McDonalds before we went to Tayto Park.

We went into Tayto Park and Dylan and I played in the parks there. We did a tour of the tayto factory it was warm in there because it was a very hot day. We got to see all the tayto’s being made and outside there was a Tayto Park monster truck. My mom and I went into the tilted tunnel it was dark with lights shining and it was like we were going to fall off of it.

I really enjoyed tayto Park. There was so much to do and see there. My favourite thing there was the tilted tunnel because it was good fun. The gift shops had lots of nice things and we got to buy pencils and other things in there. The weather was very nice and made the day even better.

I would definitely go back again.

                                                                                                                                                                                              Darren Murphy 4th Class

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