My Summer Holidays

During my eight weeks holidays I spent a lot of time helping on the farm. I milked the cows with my Dad and spread slurry also. We made silage and bales. We went to my cousins’ house a lot and had great fun with them. I also have a lot of other cousins who came to my house and we also had a great time playing.

I spent a week of my holidays at the Cúl Camp in Newmarket in August. It was brilliant.

Last month all of my family as well as my Nana went on a frantic day out, to Fenit and to the beach at Banna. We only decided to go at the very last minute so we left the house at precisely 12 o clock, Midday. We reached Fenit at 1 o clock. Firstly we walked up steps to a statue of Brendan the navigator and on the way down from the statue we went into two houses one made of stone and the other made of slates. On the way to the car we saw a large boat being lifted by a crane out of the ocean. It was being painted on the underside where it usually sat on the water. We eventually left Fenit and drove to Banna beach outside Tralee.

When we arrived at the beach we all ran down to the ocean and started to jump the waves. My little 3 year old brother, Niall, got an awful fright when the waves started to chase him and he ran as fast as he could away from the waves. It was my baby brother, Brian, first time on a beach and he loved the water and the sand. My 3 brothers and I built a huge sand castle and my Dad also helped. We found a lot of lovely shells on the beach and used some of these to decorate the lovely sand castle. We also found some crabs on the beach but it was difficult to catch them as they burrowed down through the sand at fierce speed.

After a lovely long day at the beach we decided to go home. We stopped at the shop on the way home and bought lots of nice things to eat. We all had a great day out and my nana really enjoyed the beach and the sea air.

I really enjoyed my summer holidays – playing with my brothers and my cousins, being outside all of the time, helping on the farm and learning new things. The weather was beautiful and I enjoyed every bit of it.

J. J. Cronin, 6th

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