My Summer Holiday in Spain

My Mom, Dad and I went to Spain in July for a vacation. It was our family time together and my Mom and Dad needed a rest. My Aunt and cousin wanted to come too so we said come along with us. We decided to go for a week from Sunday 28th July to Sunday 4th August. My Mom booked the holiday so we could fly from Cork Airport to Malaga Airport and she booked a hotel in Costa del Sol. We were all excited about going and my Mom was great as she did all the planning and packing.

We had to leave our house at four o’clock in the morning to get to Cork Airport on time for our flight which was at half past seven. After checking in our bags we went for a lovely breakfast and did some shopping in the duty free shop. We boarded our flight with Arkefly with delight. The journey took three hours. I read a book and played games until we landed in Malaga Airport.

We got our bags when we got off the plane and headed on a bus to our hotel which was called The Polynesia Hotel in Benalmadena. We reached the hotel in half an hour and checked in at reception. The hotel was fabulous with a turtle pond near reception to welcome us. There were birds and fish in the hotel as well. It was amazing to see the glass elevators up and down. We all couldn’t wait to get into our rooms to get our swimming gear and head to the pool.
It was lovely and sunny. My first thing I did was to jump into the pool.  There were lots of different things to do every day in the pool such as Zumba dancing and bridge walking. I made two friends James and Brody who were from England. I met up with them lots of days and we had great fun in the pool playing with a ball. My cousin Orla and I loved splashing our parents when they were not looking. The food was delicious and it was the same as the food at home.
We all loved going to the water park which was down the road. I loved going down the slide sitting in a ring. There was a pirate ship with a slide and when I used it I splashed down into the pool. We all loved using the Jacuzzi beds. There were many huge pretend elephants with water spraying out of their trunks.   When it was time to leave the park we got an open top bus back to the hotel.
In the evening time my dad, my cousin Orla and I used to play crazy golf at the side of the hotel. We used to have a competition and I always won! We used to meet up with my Mom and Aunt Sinead at the bar when we were finished. There used to be a band or show every night to entertain us. If I got bored I went off into the games room and had loads of fun playing games and bowling in the bowling alley. My dad was not too happy as I spent all his money on games but I had a great time

I had an amazing week in Spain with my family. None of us wanted to come home after spending a week soaking up the sun, relaxing and having fun. We had to pack on the Saturday night to be ready for our big journey home again. We were collected at the hotel Sunday morning to get to Malaga airport which took half an hour. We got there in time for our flight home to Cork. It only took two and a half hours to fly home. We all arrived home safe and sound. There was so much to do I can’t wait to go back to Spain. Hopefully next year!

                                                                                                                                                                                                Jack O’ Connor 3rd Class

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