My Holiday to Alaska

Holiday to Alaska  

It was a Friday morning and we were up early for our flight to Alaska.  Mom, Dad, Shane, Boots as well as I got our passports, our bags and hopped into the jeep.  It was a long journey to Dublin airport.  We saw the sun rise on our way.  We finally got there at 8 o’clock. 

We joined the long queue at the checked out and received our boarding passes after about 20 minutes.  While we were waiting for the biggest plane that lands in Ireland The Galaxy to arrive, we went to the food bar for breakfast.  Mom and I went to the gift shop and bought some chocolates and magazines for our trip. Our boarding call was announced and we made our way to the departure hall.  When we got on the plane our Nissan Navara was already loaded.

The take off was very smooth for the size of the plane.  Shane and I enjoyed Minions that was shown on the screen.  My Dad read his Tractor Magazine and Mom looked at clothes magazines.  Shane fell asleep for a while and I listened to music for the rest of the trip.  We got very excited when they announced we were about to land.  I looked out the window and saw the beautiful scenery.  It was a very soft landing.

We collected the jeep from the car park and drove to the nearest petrol station.  Dad and I put on the best quality tyres and drove to Scribna creak.  It was very dark when we finally reached Parker Schnabel’s plot of land so we went straight as we were exhausted from our trip.

We got up bright and early and left Boots out to play with Parker’s dog Dozer.  We had a good healthy breakfast to prepare for our busy day ahead.  Parker the land owner and Rick ness asked us if we had experience with heavy equipment.  Since Dad had a lot of trucking skills they put him on the rock trucks.  Mom was put driving a bulldozer and Shane went with her.   I was put on a digger which I had worked on before for my Dad.

They powered up the wash plant Big Red and we starting bringing pay dirt.  We were digging for a hour or two and when we were finished turned off the wash plant and started collecting the gravel and gold.  We only found four ounces of gold.  I suggested to Parker that he and I should go look for some new ground.   We found a new area in Indian River about two hours away.  We went back to the log Cabin for supper and headed to bed after an exhausting day.

On day two we decided to move the Wash Plant closer to Indian River.  It was quite hard and took forever but it was worth it.  We then started tearing up ground, digging it and moving it to the Wash Plant named Big Red.  After four days we cleaned out the slue box, took it to gold room and after some time Rick came out with five jars of gold.  I never saw anything like it and it was the best feeling ever.   We took to Tony who exchanged it for 10 milion dollars.  It was divided evenly between us.  We were so glad we came.

For the last two days of our holiday we went sightseeing, shopping and called to Todd Hoffman.  He was nicer than I imagined.  The final day came and we had to pack everything up.  I packed the tiny piece of gold that John Schnabel had given to me.  I intend to keep it for life to remind me of the best holiday I ever could imagine.  We were very sad on our trip to the airport.  The flight seemed quicker than the last time.  Before we knew it we were back in Dublin.  I love telling my friends about my holiday.   We keep in touch with the lads back in Alaska all the time and love to hear how they are getting on.  I never miss an episode of Gold Rush.  As long as I live I will never have an experience like that again.


By Kieran Angland


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