My Holiday in Portugal

My holiday in Portugal

 Back in July 2015 my parents told me that we were going on a holiday to Portugal for a week. With the excitement, my sisters and I started packing immediately.  On the following Friday we left the house to go to Farranfore airport.

We reached the airport and found a space to park our car. We then went in to the building. I was flabbergasted at how small it was inside. We sat down and an hour later we were ready to board the plane and leave our country. When the plane was just off the ground my ears started to pop. Luckily I had chewing gums in my backpack so I chewed them and that helped the matter. The journey was three and half hours long. We ordered a croissant and a bottle of water to pass the time.

Eventually, we arrived in Faro airport. It was much bigger compared to Farranfore. We got into a taxi and he took us to Praia da Rocha, which was the name of the holiday resort. The name of our hotel was Jardins da Rocha which means “garden of the rocks”. We arrived in our apartment at eight o’ clock. Our room was quite big and it had a balcony also. We went out for something to eat as it had been a long but very enjoyable day. The name of the restaurant was Luigis pizza place. I ordered a pepperoni pizza and shared that with my sisters. The food was not that nice but we still enjoyed the street atmosphere.

The next morning my younger sister woke up at six o’ clock to go down to the pool. The rest of us didn’t wake up until about half ten. She was very bored. In fact she was so bored she started cleaning our rooms. We just loved the view from our balcony. We could even see a huge mountain in the distance.

Kate and my mom went down to the pool to get us good seats. We went down to the pool and sat down. Immediately I jumped in to the pool. It was quite cold but it got warmer and warmer as the sun came up. After that we went and got rolls and drinks for our breakfast. It wasn’t as good as any full Irish breakfast.

We spent the rest of the day exploring the resort. One of my favorite places was the Adidas sport shop.

That night I got to sleep on the couch. When it got late I pretended to go to the toilet but I was really only checking to see if everyone was asleep. They were so I turned on the television. Unfortunately the language was in Portuguese so I couldn’t understand anything. There was one channel that I recognized, it was sky news. That got boring so I went to sleep.

The next morning we got breakfast and then went swimming in the ocean. The beach was lovely. There was a nice breeze to keep us cool and they had free wifi which was my favorite part. We also got lots of ice cream. I got my body board and went out to the waves. They were quite big & strong but I held on to the board. One time I was talking to my sister Peig and a wave took me straight out of it! My arm was cut but I was okay. My dad said I was “as tough as nails”. We then went for something to eat. It was nice but the drinks were very expensive.

The week had progressed through and we were ready to go home. At that stage I was looking forward to a shower of rain.

We got a taxi back to Faro airport and we got our plane back to Ireland. As soon as we reached Ireland we got a shower of rain then I was wishing to go back to Portugal!


Hugh O Connor, 6th class

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