My First Football Match


My Football Match

I had some lasagne to eat before my match. I went to my room and got changed. I wore a Newmarket jersey, black football shorts, red and black socks and my runners. My mom drove me to the pitch in Ballydesmond. When we arrived I put on my football boots. I walked into the pitch and I met Jeff, Cormac, Aaron and my football trainer, Ollie. Next we warmed up. We stood in a line and practised kicking the ball to each other. The referee blew his whistle to start the match. I was playing in the forwards. I wasn’t nervous. I scored one point. I was tired because I was running up and down the pitch. It was my first football match and I loved playing. I cannot wait for my next match.

By Eoin Lynch, Senior Infants

Category: Narrative
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