Mallow Races

Last Summer Mum, my brother Ben and I went to Mallow Races.  It was a lovely summer evening.  We went there to see Rebel Fitz running.  Michael Winters trains Rebel Fitz and we know him. We got there at five o clock.  When we got into the races we ran up into the stands to watch the first race.

After we watched the first race I met Muinteoir Anthony, my teacher.  I gave him a tip and he backed him and he finished last. He won’t ask for my tips again!  I backed Rebel Fitz and he won.

After that race I met Muinteoir Anthony again and he was not amused.  Then we got something to eat in the restaurant. The food was very good there. We watched the last race and went home.

I thought it was one of the best nights at Mallow Races. I am looking forward to going there again.

Jerry Daly 4th Class

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