My Trip to London

Last month my Dad and I packed our bags for our trip to London. I was really excited because I was going to see Ireland play Romania in the Rugby World Cup at Wembley Stadium.

On Friday my Mom picked me up from school early and drove my Dad and I to Farranfore airport. We checked in and had to wait extra time as our flight was delayed. Finally our flight was called and we boarded. After one hour in the air we arrived at Stansted airport. When we arrived we collected our bags and got a bus into London. The drive lasted two hours. I was really anxious to get there. We got off at Baker Street. Suddenly my Gran- Uncle Joe appeared. I did not expect to see him because we were meant to meet him at his house. We got another bus to his house. Finally after an exhausting trip we got there. My Gran-Aunt Rita was delighted to see us. We chatted and had our dinner. At midnight we went to our rooms to get some sleep as we had a very busy schedule planned for the next day.

The very next day she woke us early so we could go sightseeing. We got on the underground train and got off at on Downing Street. I saw the Prime Minister’s house, but didn’t get any glimpse of David Cameron. We walked further down the street and saw Big Ben and it was even more amazing than I had imagined.   We then walked across the river Thames and we went on the London Eye.  The view from the top was breath taking as we could see all over London.

My dad then suggested we get the train and surprised me with two tickets to see Tottenham play Man City.  I was so delighted as this was a surprise to me.  When we arrived at White Hart Lane the atmosphere was electric. Sadly Tottenham won the game 4-1.  It was still a very entertaining match.

In the evening we went to the Imperial War Museum.  I’ve always wanted to go there as I am very interested in World War 2.  There were old airplanes hanging from the ceiling and all sorts of World War 2 memorabilia.

To end the evening we got a bus tour of London.  We saw the tallest building in London called the Shard, Buckingham Palace, London Bridge and many more historical buildings.  There was a Battleship docked on the Thames called the HMS Belfast.

On Sunday my Dad and I got to meet our cousins Barry and Benjamin.  We all got a bus out to Wembley Stadium to watch the Ireland v Romania Rugby World Cup game.  There was a record 90,000 people at the game.  It felt fantastic to be part of it all.  We did the Mexican wave during the game.  Ireland beat Romania 40-10.

On Monday we packed our bags and said our goodbyes.  The weekend had flown by so fast. We boarded our plane in Stansted and arrived in Farranfore to be greeted by my Mom.

I truly had a fantastic weekend in London and have wonderful memories that I will never forget. I would highly recommend a trip to London as there is so much to see and do.


Ronan O Driscoll

6th Class

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