John Philpot Curran

John Philpot Curran was born in 1750 in Main Street, Newmarket.  John was a very sickly child, consequently he read a lot at home.  His Father’s name was James Curran and his Mother’s name was Mary Philpot.  His parents were judge and a housewife.

When John was young he went to a hedge school. One day the Punch and Judy Show came to town and the man running it had to go away and then John controlled all the puppets, he went around mimicking people. Everyone thought it was very funny until he mimicked the local priest and then everyone left. Parson Boyce was a Protestant Minister and he noticed that John has lots of ability. He paid for his secondary school education and sent him to Midleton in 1776. He was studying to be a priest but six months later he got in trouble and consequently he gave up on being a priest. Then he went to TrinityCollege, Dublin to study Law. In 1778 he built Priory House in Copsfield. In 1780 he took on the Lord Doneraile case and defeated a great English landlord. It was his most famous case by far. In 1783 he entered Grattan’s Parliament. He defended another great Irish lawyer Henry Joy M’Cracken in 1798. A couple of years after he entered Parliament. Trajically one of his daughters fell off a balcony and he buried her in his garden. He got in a lot of trouble for it because it was not holy ground. In 1803 his other daughter Sarah started dating Robert Emmet during Emmet’s Rising. When John found out he forbade her from dating Robert. John’s best friend Lord Kilwarden died in 1803 in Emmet’s rising. He still defended some of the people who took part in the rising

In my opinion, he was a historical figure who had a difficult life but he achieved a lot


Jerry Daly

5th Class

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