If I was in charge…Rang 1

If I was in charge of the world…

by First Class pupils

…I would give free sweets to the world. No one would be allowed kill anything or anyone. No wars allowed. No vegetables at all. You don’t have to pay your bills and I would end world hunger.

Graham Cottrell


…I would cancel Mondays and not start school until 2 o’clock. I would replace vegetables with ice cream and water with Coke. I would give every house a hot tub and a flat screen TV. I would make all sisters do their brothers chores and punishments.
I would let everyone stay up late to watch the soccer. There will be no poor people in the world and everybody will have food and clothes. I would get Messi to come to my school for a day.

Kevin Daly


…There would be no homework. I would play for Real Madrid and I would be in midfield. I would make laws to stop people smoking. I would get lots of Match Attacks. I would help poor people and give them money. I would help people build houses. I would make sure people were ok. I would go on holidays to Spain. I would have a double ice cream every day. I would stay up late at night and watch DVDs. I would have no school for 5 years and I would get sweets.

Oran Moynihan


…There would be a place called Chocolate Land where you can get as much chocolate as you want. Even a chocolate fountain and a chocolate volcano. There would be chocolate bars that never run out and a chocolate Jacuzzi. There would be a big chocolate swimming pool. Everything would be made of chocolate there.

Jack Moynihan


…I would make sure that everyone had enough money. I would make Monday part of the weekend. I would make everyone wear colourful clothes. I would make Tuesday Art Day. I would buy lots of chocolate. I would ban drugs.

Ben Walsh


… I would invent a way to bring the dinosaurs T-Rex and Spinosaurus back. They would be my pets. I would keep them in separate cages so they wouldn’t attack each other. Spinosaurus means impressive skin sail. The Spinosaurus looked like a dragon and it would have been a frightening sight.

Daniel O’Sullivan


… I would make Robin Van Persie go from Manchester United to Ireland.  On Sunday I would make it a sunny sunny day. In the school week, there would be five days off and two days on. I would make sweets good for you and carrots bad for you. I would make my servants carry me around in the parade and I would get a Wii and a Lego Undercover.

Joe McAuliffe 


Finally, if I was in charge of the world, I would tell all the television companies to make sure that I always got to watch my favourite TV shows. I would have a very comfy chair and I would have lots of Bon Bons, popcorn and chocolate. The blue ones are my favourite because they dye your tongue blue. I would never have any homeless people and people wouldn’t be richer than other people. Everyone would live in a First World Country.

Rory Lynn


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