Holiday Story


I went to Spain with my family in July for a holiday in the sun.

We took the Dublin train from Mallow. When we arrived at the station I bought a book in Eason’s. We got a bus to Clonliffe Road, where my Great Nana lives. We stayed with her for the night.

On the next morning we traveled by bus to the airport. While we were waiting we got something to eat and I bought another book. We were waiting for two hours to board our airplane. I was very excited and a little nervous when we got on the plane.

We arrived in Ibiza at seven o’ clock pm. It took the taxi twenty minutes to reach our apartment in Es Cañar on the east coast of Ibiza. I met my cousins there. There was a hotel beside us called the Atlantic. They had a concert every night from 9pm until midnight and I could not get to sleep.

Matthew Bradley, 4th Class

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