Holiday in England

Holidays in England

It was a Friday morning. Mom, Dad, Cian and I got up at five in the morning because we were going to England. We were all in a rush trying to figure out what to take with us and what to eat (I of course, wanted to take my toy BB gun). I can remember last summer we had a party. My Dad was hanging up the banners but it was too high so he needed a ladder. I got the ladder for him and held it while he climbed up. Then my brother, Cian, found my BB gun, aimed it at my Dad not knowing the safety wasn`t on and shot him in the back. My Dad fell off the ladder and went to hospital for a month.

Time was flying, we were going to be late. We jumped into the car and off we went. Mom and Dad were talking the whole journey and Cian was on his phone, while I was playing some of my favourite games on our Ipad. We stopped at a filling station. I got a lovely Wispa bar with a refreshing Lucozade.

We finally reached the airport after a two hour drive. We were all very excited about it, despite getting lost, we eventually found our way again. We walked through the metal detector and then we were on the plane. We were all very confused when we were directed to 1st class. It had a gold interior  inside and my parents got to drink some champagne. I wasn’t allowed to have any. There was a gigantic flat-screen TV and the News was on. Mom laughingly said “ENGLAND HERE WE COME”!

We got on the bus from the airport and got off at the car hiring business and hired a car. Luckily it had a SatNav because we got lost too many times trying to find our B&B. Then we found it, put our bags down and picked what beds we were going to sleep in. Of course I had to sleep on top of the bunk bed, which I quite liked.

The next morning we got up, had a shower and got something to eat. It was time to explore the lovely town of Windsor. Firstly, we went to Lego Land,where we went on a watercoaster ride. It was so much fun, even though we got soaked from head to toe. We saw the wonderful mini cities and famous landmarks from around the world all made from millions of lego pieces.

Next day, we headed to London city by train to see some famous landmarks. We saw The London Eye, Buckingham Palace and of course Big Ben where we sat underneath to have our lunch. We saw so many sport cars which my dad loved, even a Bugatti and a car covered in diamonds from front to back! We visited the aqua-world. When I walked through the door there was a suspended glass floor where sharks and other types of fish were swimming madly underneath as everyone walked over the glass floor. Needless to say my mom was terrified and screaming as she covered her eyes and ran straight across, while Cian, Dad and I were jumping up and down. It was very funny!

After exploring Windsor and London city, we were glad to be heading home after having a fantastic time. Sadly, when we were going home we weren`t directed to 1st class, but it was ok. It was still one of my favourite holidays ever.


By Ryan O Flaherty

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