History of Newmarket


Newmarket is a picturesque town situated in North Cork in the barony of Duhallow.

It has an approximate population of 900. The Irish name for Newmarket is Áth Trasna. Newmarket has lots of history. It has an island wood with a river called the Dalua. Daniel O’ Connell’s older sister grew up in the Woodview house in Drominarrigle where my Grandad lived. The house is still standing with the orchard along side it. My address is Woodview and I live in front of the oldhouse in a newhouse. The new house is about sixty years old. In 1615, the Aldworth family came to Newmarket and in the year 1620, Richard Aldworth granted permission for a new market and two fairs. John Philpot Curran was a barrister. He was born in the C.Y.M.S Hall in 1750. 27 years later, he married Creagh. A year on, he built Priory House. The Lord Doneraile case was the one that really made John Philpot Curran a household name. The case happened in 1780. He had a daughter called Sarah in 1782 and she became famous aswell. She met a person called Robert Emmet through her brother at TrinityCollege in Dublin. Her Father did not approve of Robert. She was not allowed to see him but she was secretly ingaged to him. John Philpot Curran had to defend her in court. Her Father disowned her.  Robert was put in jail. He knew one of the jail guards so he gave a letter to him for Sarah. His friend betrayed him and gave it to the Government. When the court case was held Robert was condemmed to be hanged. Robert was hanged publically in Dublin. She missed him dearly. She then married Robert Sturgeon in 1805. Three years later, she died and was buried in the Protestant graveyard in Newmarket. Even though her Father disowned her, he missed her dearly. John Philpot Curran died in 1817. The battle of Scarteen happened in 1822 and twelve white boys died. Captain Kippock was the leader of the white boys. In 1834, the landlord Richard Aldworth let St. Mary’s church be built on land. Michael Davitt addressed a meeting on the land league at West End in 1880. The girls school also opened in 1925. In the year 1927 Newmarket Manor changes to the Convent.

In my opinion, I think Newmarket is a spectacular town and I wouldn’t rather to live in any town

by Ben Daly,6th

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