History of Newmarket

Newmarket is situated in North Cork. I think Newmarket is a picturesque place.

Firstly, the Aldworth’s family came to Newmarket in 1615. In 1620 Richard Aldworth granted permission for a new market and 2 fairs. That’s how Newmarket got its name. In 1750, John Philpot Curran was born. 27 years later he got married to Creagh. A year later he built Priory house. In 1780, John became very famous all over the country because he defended Fr. Neale. Lord Doneraile wiped Fr. Neale with a belt and was cut everywhere. John won the case and Lord Doneraile was punished. 2 years later, Sarah Curran was born. In 1803, Robert Emmet held a rising but he was hung. In 1808, Sarah Curran died giving birth. She was buried in the Protestant Graveyard. In 1817, John Philpot Curran died. In 1822, the battle of Scarteen took place. 12 people died.Captain Kippock lead the English forces during this battle. The people that died were the White boys. In 1834, St. Mary’s church was built on land that was donated by Richard Aldworth. In 1880, Michael Davitt addressed a Land League meeting in the height of the land war at the  West End Newmargket. Newmarket manor changed it’s name to the Convent, St Joseph  Convent.

In conclusion, I think Newmarket is a great place.

By Jamie Kenneally, 6th class

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