Healthy Eating

Newmarket Boys’ School has a healthy eating policy and it encourages children to eat fruit and vegetables. Popular fruits in our school are apples and oranges.
Our school thinks one day in the month is enough to have chocolate or sweets for lunch. It is a fact that just over 10% of children worldwide are overweight and in Ireland over 22% of children are overweight. On school trips, there is no limit to sweets so it is actually another sweet day. Our school had a Food Dudes initiative where children tried new food and even got prizes for eating the food. In addition, people thought Food Dudes was a good idea.
In my opinion, it is a positive step to improve our health.

Cian Crowley, 6th class

In Ireland, there is an estimated 300,000 obese children. Obesity is the cause of 5% of heart attacks and strokes and it is the cause of 30% of cancers. It also costs Ireland over 1.1 billion euro per year in health care. It is therefore in our best interests to prevent obesity. In our school, we are always cutting down the amount of unhealthy food we eat and we promote healthy eating. Did you know that drinking a can or bottle of fizzy drink everyday can increase your chances of getting diabetes by 1/5 or 20%.
We are not allowed crisps or fizzy drinks. Years ago, we were allowed sweets every single day but now we have cut it down to only once a month. We participated in a programme called the “Food Dudes” where we ate different kinds of fruit and vegetables each day to get prizes. We are encouraged to bring in our own fruit and vegetables into school now.
Healthy eating is a major priority and we have a very healthy school.

Darragh Lynn, 5th Class

Newmarket Boys’ School puts a particular emphasis on healthy eating. In addition to that, the teachers arranged a programme called the Food Dudes to promote healthy eating, which is very important because 22.8% of children in Ireland are overweight.
The Food Dudes gave out fruit and vegetables and if you ate all the fruit and vegetables you would get a prize. In school, we are allowed one sweet thing on the last Friday of the month. One time in our school, you were allowed to go up town but that had to stop because boys used to buy unhealthy food. On school trips there is an exception where you can bring sweets.
In my opinion, healthy eating is a great thing to improve our health.

J.J. Cronin, 5th Class

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