We dressed up at school for Halloween. I had a Spider-Man costume. It is a full suit and it has a mask with no mouth area. There are straps at the back of the costume to keep it up. My Mom got it for me. I like Spider-Man. He can shoot webs and he can jump. He can swing from place to place because he shoots out strings from his hands and he shoots out webs to catch bad guys.

 Sam Mueller, Junior Infants

We dressed up in school for Halloween. My friends had different costumes like Spider-Man, ninjas, pirates, zombies and vampires. We played games for the day. We had to throw peanuts into hula-hoops and if we got them in, we got to keep them and eat them! There were apples hanging on strings and we had to try and bite them. There were apples in a basin of water and we had to dip our heads into the water to get them. I dressed up as a King!

Eoin Goggin, Junior Infants

I dressed up in a Ninja suit for Halloween. My ninja costume is black and red and I got it in a shop in Cork. It has a shield that comes on and off and there is a mask that covers my face. Ninjas fight dragons. I have a DVD called the Ninja Turtles. My favourite Ninja is Leonardo. He drives a motor bike. Their master is a rat called Splinter.

Shane Doody, Senior Infants

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