Last Halloween, my brother Tommy and I planned to go to a haunted house down our street, but our Mom said that we were not allowed to go to there. So, we had to deceive her. We said that Tommy and I were going to a friend’s house. At eight o’ clock we headed off. When we arrived at the house, it looked spooky. Finally, we went inside. There was a lot of dust inside the haunted house.

When we went into the room, a deranged man jumped out of the closet furtively. He had blood coming down his shirt and had rope in his hands. We ran for it but he still followed us, so we jumped over the ditch hastily and went into our Nan’s house. There was no one there but I knew where the key was. When we got in, we locked the door.
After one hour he had left. We stayed in our Nan’s because we were scared and our Mom wasn’t expecting us until nine in the morning. When we woke up, it was nine so we rushed back home. When we got there, our indignant Mom had found out that we had gone to the haunted house, so she grounded us for two months.
I thought it was pretty scary at the haunted house and I am never going to one again. Next time I should listen to my Mom.

Josh O’Keeffe, 6th Class

Category: Narrative
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