Guided Reading

Success all round…
Comments by pupils in Ranganna 4, 5, 6
  • I enjoyed Guided Reading because the novel I read was very interesting and I acquired new information about Irish history that I hadn’t previously known.
  • I really liked it because we got to read in a group in class and when somebody made a mistake, the others in the group were there to correct it.
  • I didn’t find it boring; I can’t wait to read the next two books from the author.
  • I thought it was a great help to me in understanding grammar and comprehension. I also liked the fact that the groups were small so we could all discuss the novel in great detail.
  • I found the book very challenging in some parts but I enjoyed it because it helped me recognise new words.
  • It helped me with spelling and comprehension and I like predicting and enjoyed making images in my head.
What is Guided Reading?

The purposes of it is to expose children to a wide range of literature, teach comprehension and teach children how to read with books that become increasingly harder. Children read from multiple copies of trade books. The block usually begins with a discussion led by the teacher to build or review any background knowledge necessary to read the selection. Comprehension strategies are taught and practised during this block. This block also includes writing in response to reading.


With Guided Reading, instruction can be streamlined to meet the individual needs of each student within a group. This is very essential in teaching a critical skill such as reading. Instruction is easily managed in small groups and the teacher is able to give individual attention to the group members. The teacher meets them where they are, moving them along so they can progress with confidence.

Guided Reading is similar to Shared Reading but focuses in on the needs of each child within a group. The importance of individualised attention can’t be over-emphasised. Since the reading materials gradually become more difficult, students have the opportunity to apply the strategies they learn within their group and feel like successful readers!

What are the benefits of Guided Reading?
  • Reading strategies are strengthened as the students are engaged in a particular story.
  • As the teacher introduces the story, children learn about cueing, predicting, and monitoring.
  • Assessing prior knowledge strengthens comprehension.
  • Students can practice recognising sight words.
  • Students learn the skill of predicting and inferring meaning.
  • Capitalisation and punctuation concepts are reinforced.
  • Students learn about sequencing of the story — the setting, characters, and beginning, middle and the end of the text.
  • Students have the opportunity to practice self-correction.

Rang 4, 5, 6: Guided Reading Stations

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