Greece is one and a half times bigger then Ireland. The population is about ten million. Greece is well known for its gods and myths.

The capital of Greece is Athens. There are many Islands situated around Greece but the biggest Island is Crete. 80 percent of Greece is covered in mountains. The most common food in Greece is roast pig. The first Olympics were held there in 776 BC. There are a lot of myths and gods in Greece but the main god is called Zues. Greece is in the middle of two seas called the Aegean sea which is called after a legend and the other sea is called the Ionian sea. The most famous soccer player in Greece is Papastathopoulos and Samaras. The cross on the Greek flag symbolises a church called the Orthodox church. The Greek language is the oldest language in the world.

 In conclusion, I think Greece is a very interesting Country.

by Michael Browne,5th class

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