Going to Dublin Zoo


Trip to Dublin Zoo

Last summer I went to Dublin Zoo with my brother, sister, my Mum and my Dad. It was my first time going to the zoo. We drove up to Dublin and it was a very long drive. When we got there we parked the car and then we went into the zoo. We saw lots of animals such as monkeys, tigers, giraffes, rhinoceros and antelope. My favourite animal was the monkey because he was eating bananas and I like bananas. I liked watching the monkeys climbing and swinging on the branches. I like the monkeys because they are brown and my favourite colour is brown. My Dad went on the train with me and that was great fun because I could see everything. We went for ice cream and that gave me lots of energy. When we had seen all the animals we went home. We had a great day at the zoo.

Jack Daly, Junior Infants,

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