Family wedding


My family and I went to England on the 11th of  September for my sister’s wedding.

We left home at 4 o’ clock in the morning to get to the boat. It took 3 hours to get there. We got to Rosslare at just gone 7 o’ clock. We got our boarding ticket then got on the boat. I got a hot chocolate and went to the arcade. I got bored so I went to sleep. The crossing was 3 hours but finally we got to Fishguard.

We got our stuff and headed off from the port. The journey was ok. Before we went to Dawns and Danny’s we went to the hotel and we got our key card and put our stuff in our room in the hotel.  We then went to my Sister’s house which was about 15 minutes away. While we were there Luke and I played with our niece and nephew and then we all had dinner. After the meal we had to go, so we headed to the hotel and when we got to the hotel we realized it was the worst hotel we ever stayed in. We went to our room and went to sleep.

The following day Luke and I went to our Nanas and Granddads. Luke and I met the dogs. Mum and my Step Dad Steve talked to my Nana for a while. Luke and my Granddad fetched our Dad from the station. When they got back we all said hi. When I was looking at our old toys Luke got bit by the dog Rocky, we were all upset, so Rocky went in the cage. Luke had to go to hospital. Nana, Dad and I stayed at the house. Luke had to have stitches. When they got back my Mum and my Steve left, we all said goodbye. The rest of us went shopping and I got a Barcelona jersey, a ball,games and a pair of  trainers. My brother got games and a ball and, after shopping we went to my Dad’s house to feed the two dogs.

Then we went to Nana’s house again and  had Chinese for dinner. After dinner Mum and Steve picked us up, and before we left Luke and I got 100 pounds each and so we said goodbye and headed to the hotel and went to sleep.

On Saturday was the wedding, we went to Dawn’s and Danny’s to get ready, when some of us were ready we went to the hall where they were getting married. When everyone was there the wedding started. It was brilliant there were even photos. After the wedding we all went to the party hall. We all played, the food was brilliant and there was a disco and there was dancing. Afterwards they brought out the cake. The cake I loved. Then at half eleven some of us left. My family stayed at my sister’s. I was a bit tired so I went to bed.

In the morning we got packing then Mum and Steve went shopping and when they came back we had to go.  We said our goodbyes, put our stuff in the car and headed off.

When we got to the boat it was eleven o’ clock. We got on the boat and headed off. We went to sleep. It was six o’ clock when we were in Ireland so we drove home. Finally we got home at ten o’clock.

In conclusion our trip was excellent but not so much for Luke.

                                                                                                                                                                                            Kalem Browne 4th Class

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