Family Holiday in Portugal

My Trip to Portugal

19th of August 2015

I woke up at 7:00am to get ready for the flight to Faro, southern Portugal. We arrived at Cork International airport at 9:00am and we didn’t have to check-in because we only had hand luggage. We got past security, so then we went into the loop to buy a pair of sunglasses for Dad. We had to for wait an hour and a half. So I got a match magazine and a bottle of water. We eventually boarded the flight. We arrived at Faro at 10:30am.The drive to the hotel was boring. When we got to the hotel we unpacked our suitcases. Then we ate at a Mexican restaurant. The place was small and had pictures on the walls.


20th of August 2015

I woke up at 6:00am and went walking with Mom. When we got back only Dad had woken up but we sat on the balcony until Padraig woke up. When he did wake up we had breakfast. When Padraig and I were finished eating we watched TV. It was in Portuguese but we still watched it. Later that day we went to the pool. Then we went to a restaurant for dinner.


21st of August 2015

We had breakfast at 7:30am. We went to a place called the Old Town which was a beach a few kilometres from the hotel. We had lunch and a drink at a pub/cocktail house. Earlier we checked for entertainment for the weekend so we picked a place called Zoomarine for Saturday as well as a boat trip that looked for Dolphins on Sunday.


22nd of August 2015

All of us had breakfast and then Padraig and I watched TV. At 8:55am we waited for a bus that would take us to Zoomarine. When we got there we saw a Dolphin show, a seal show/play, an acrobatics show and a dinosaur history tour. Mom got me a Zoomarine dinosaur show t-shirt as well as a tropical bird show with parrots and macaws. After we went back to the town and had dinner.


23rd of August 2015

We had breakfast and went to the bay and got on the boat. We discovered dolphins after twenty-five minutes and went para-sailing. Dad and I went up before Mom and Padraig. Padraig and I where as brave as lions.


24th of August 2015

We went back to Zoomarine and did some of the things we did on Saturday and we went to a birds of prey show as well as an aquarium. We also went on some rides. One of the rides was called Rapid River. We had dinner at a place called Ramos.


25th of August 2015

We had breakfast at a restaurant and did shopping at the Old Town. I got a FC Porto jersey as well as more shirts. Mom got Nana and Amber a bag each. We packed our stuff and went back to the airport. To conclude my holiday was brilliant.



                                                                     Matthew O’Connor, 5th Class


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