Explanation Writing -description

The purpose of explanation writing is to give an account of some fact or occurrence. To explain!

Explanations seem to fall into two main types:
Those that explain how things are, or those that explain why things are….

The format of the story is:

  1. The Title
  2. Introduce the topic with a definition or brief description.
  3. Explain how or why something happens…. (The body of the story)
    – Explain important points in order, using second or third person ( you, he/she, it, they – not I or we).
  4. How something works
    1. What it is used for
    2. How each part works
    3. How the parts work together
    4. How to use it
  5. Why something happens
    1. How and why it starts
    2. what happens next and why
    3. What happens after that and why
    4. What happens finally, why
  6. A summary or recommendation or a general comment


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