Eoin’s Grandad, Dónal

A visit from Dónal O’Driscoll

Dónal O’Driscoll, Eoin’s grandad, visited our class and told us stories about when he was a young boy.

We learned that life was very different then.
Dónal didn’t have Nintendos or computers to play with and he had to walk to school. He told us that his house had no electricity and that they had no television to watch. His family had a farm and Dónal’s family got most of the food they ate from their animals. They had no car and if they wanted to go somewhere they would have to walk, cycle or ask a neighbour who had a car for a drive.
Dónal and his family didn’t go Trick or Treating at Halloween. Instead they used to make their own masks and play games at home, like snap apple (we still play that game today!).

Dónal said that teachers are much nicer now, because when he was in school you would get a slap if you were being bold!

We really enjoyed listening to Dónal and his stories. Toys and life have really changed since Dónal was a young boy.

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