During the summer holidays I went to England for a week with my parents and my brother.

We left for our holidays at 4am in the morning. The reason for this was our departure time was 7am at Dublin port. Once we got on the boat we sat down and waited .From the moment we got going it was not smooth sailing. I do not want to say what happened but it was not pretty!

After three hours we made it to Hollyhead, England but the travelling   was not over .It took us around two more hours to get to Pontyfract England. On our first day there we went to a show .There was men doing stunts on bikes and lot of other things such as jumping over cars as well as making a human pyramid .There was also stands with toys , sweets ,posters and food . On the second day we stayed around the town. We went to the Haribo factory. We bought some delicious sweets but they did not last long.

On the third day we went to see our cousin at his house in Lingcon. Although our week was coming to an end the best part was yet to come. We got to go to X Scape. It is a place that has a lot of games and lot of other things such as air hockey. The best was the indoor ski area. I loved going there while we are over for our holidays.

But a holiday always has to come to end. It was the last day and we had to go home. So we said we should go to Manchester for shopping. I have to admit I did not think it would be so big. We found a sweet area in a shop but what was inside made happy. I got a tube of sweets called Cola Millions .We then got some lunch .It was so hard to get seats because there were so many people at the food area .After a while we got a seat, then we ate our food. We then went walking around the shopping centre for a while.

After we finished we got back on the road .We got on to the boat and started the trip home.  We were not able to see much because it was dark.


After a long trip we made it home. The moment we got home we went to bed. It was a trip to remember because of all the things I did. I loved the trip. Hopefully I get to go back again next year.


Adam Murphy, 5th Class

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