One bright, sunny day in August my family and I set off for the Gold Coast in Dungarvan for a well-deserved holiday to the beach. We got up early that day and had breakfast before we set off. We packed our bags and all of us got in to the car. We were ready for the long journey that lay ahead.

As soon as we got to the holiday home we noticed that there was no food in the cupboards or the fridge. So we popped down to the shop. The moment we walked into the shop we saw a whole aisle, at least thirty meters long, packed with sweets left and right. Later when we were on our way to the checkout we saw a man steal a carton of milk from the fridge and some beans from the shelf. My father immediately told the manager. When we got back in to the car with all the shopping my father found out that he had left his keys in the shop so he went in and found them next to a giant tube of Nutella. After we got home it was too late to do anything other than put our feet up on the couch and that is what we did.

The next day all of us were woken by the sound of a dog barking. Mother, who was as fresh as a daisy, told us all that breakfast was on the table and that it was a full Irish. After our breakfast we packed our things for the beach. When we got to the beach, which was only down the road, we had a great time. From the caves to the waves, to the bright and hot sunlight, it was a recipe for fun. We were wrecked when we got home so we ate marshmallows in front of the fire while watching television.

We visited our cousins Maryann, Bridget and Mairead the next day and had a great time with them. We played “Guess who”? , catch, hide and go seek, nerf wars and watched Mrs Browns Boys the movie. After that we had tea in their house and watched television all night.

The next day was our last day in Dungarvan so we went for a relaxing trip to the pool which was great fun. When we got home we packed our bags and headed off.

Over all it was a really good holiday, one I will always remember.


Brian Hubbard , 5th Class



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