Hello. My name is Bill Allen and today I will be talking about the positives and negatives of drugs.

Firstly on the positive side, prescription drugs are used to help medical conditions, such as Digitalis for treating heart condition. Secondly, it is certain that Vinca and Periwinkles plants contain a chemical used to treat cancer. Finally, prescription drugs such as Opium and Morphine are good for pain relief but are addictive, and therefore must be administered very carefully.
On the negative side, addiction is the worst part of drug use. In my opinion, the life of a drug addict seems miserable. Secondly, drugs are a major cause of crime. For example, in 1997 a Garda report said that 66% of thefts in Dublin were committed by drug addicts to pay for their addictions. Finally, drug trafficking is a huge problem linked with drug addiction.
In my opinion, drugs are very beneficial to mankind.

Bill Allen, 5th Class

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