Danny’s Holiday

Danny’s Holiday

On the 11th of July 2015, Danny went on a holiday to Spain. He went with his best friend Mike, his dad and his mom. Before going on their holiday they needed to buy a couple of things for the journey; Danny brought a ball, Mike brought a diary and Danny’s dad brought a mini float for the water. Danny’s mom brought sun cream so that they wouldn’t get burnt at the beach!

When they arrived in Spain Danny and Mike ran straight for the beach near their hotel. They were playing in the hot sea for many hours until someone took their ball and he ran off.  Danny and Mike looked at each other with disbelief, they were shocked! They would have to get their ball back. They looked at each other and said, ‘This is going to be an amazing adventure!’ The boys decided to split up and find the man who had taken their ball. They would use their phones to talk to each other.

Danny and Mike were searching around the beach when Mike heard a person screaming in the distance. Danny had also heard the screaming and decided to run in the direction he thought the screaming sound was coming from.  The screaming was coming from an old building, located near the beach. Danny entered the building and he could hear voices but could not see anybody as it was dark. All of a sudden the light came on and a big man was standing in the hallway. The man asked Danny, ‘What are you doing in my house?’ Danny told him that he was looking for his friend  Mike. All of a sudden another man appeared in the room, grabbed Danny and took him into a smaller room where Mike was locked in a cage. They were kidnapped!

After several hours they heard knocking on the window of the room. There was a small, dark haired man outside and he was telling them to stay calm. Their kidnappers were after falling asleep on the ground. The man climbed in the window and kicked the big man to the ground and then tied him up. He then unlocked the cage that Mike was in and set Mike free. The other kidnapper woke up but before he could even speak the man tied him up and put the two men into the cage and locked it. The mysterious man then flew back out the window and ran off. Mike and Danny were speechless! They immediately ran out of the house and escaped from their kidnappers.

As they ran back to the beach they wondered who the mysterious man was that saved them. When Danny and Mike met Danny’s mother she was pleased to see them as they had been gone for several hours. She was shocked when she heard what had happened and immediately called the police to tell them the story.

Danny and Mike played at the beach for the rest of the day and they did not wonder away again!


Darren Murphy, 6th Class

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