Daniel O’Connell

Daniel O Connell was a famous man in Irish history. He brought Catholic Emancipation to Ireland in the year of 1828.
Daniel O’ Connell was born in Kerry in 1775. His parents were poor so they sent him to live with his uncle in Derryadane. His uncle sent him to France to be educated. During that time he saw a lot of bloodshed during the French revolution. This turned him against bloodshed forever! He returned to Ireland to study law and in 1798 he became a barrister. In 1800, the act of union was passed and in 1824 Catholic rent was organised and the cost per week was 1p. In 1828, Daniel was elected as an MP for co. Clare. In 1828 Catholic Emancipation was granted. In 1841, became the first Catholic lord mayor of Dublin since the reformation. In 1847, the worst year of the famine he died in Genoa in Italy on his way to Rome. Just before he died he said he wanted his heart to be taken to Rome and for his body to be buried in Ireland.
In my opinion, he was a great man but as long as he lived he never forgave himself for killing a man in a duel.

 JJ Cronin, rang6

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