Dancing Derek

Dancing Derek with the Infants

We had Hip Hop dance with Dancing Derek every Friday in the gym. It was fun! We learned a Robot Dance and a Penguin Dance. All the boys in my class were dancing too and we liked it. The Robot Dance was my favourite. We pretended to be robots and we put our hands up and down. We marched around the gym like robots!

Fionán Lane, Junior Infants (oral account)

Dancing Derek taught us how to dance. I liked the Penguin Dance. You had to run around very fast like a penguin and you had to make a penguin noise. Penguins flap their hands and they wobble from side to side. We learned a Bird Dance and the Cool Down dance too. Dancing Derek had really good music and he was a good teacher because he was nice and he taught us lots of dances !

Charlie Saville,  Senior Infants (oral account)

Dancing Derek with Rang 1 & 2

Every Friday in Term 1, we learned different dances with Dancing Derek. We learned Zumba dancing with him which improved our fitness and it was great fun. It helped to keep us fit and healthy, which is really important as we want to be strong, fast and to grow really tall.
One of our favourite dances was the Dinosaur Dance.
You must:

  1. Open the door.
  2. Get on the floor.
  3. Everybody, walk like a dinosaur!

We hope that he comes back again soon and we can learn even more moves from him.

1st & 2nd Class

Too Hot To Cool Down – Zumba Dance
Going through the moves… with the Infants.
We have more dance videos in our Gallery Section and in our Gaeilge category with Ionsaí na hInse.

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