Cork City Gaol Visit

We went to Cork City Jail by bus and went on the tour.
First we saw the Governor’s office, we saw him writing in a big book and there were some big keys on the table.
Next we saw a strange looking chair, we had no idea what the chair was used for, the tour guide told us the chair was used for weighing prisoners.
Then we went to the east wing of the jail. We saw a woman with a baby. Her crime was she had stolen a cap. Her sentence was a month in prison.
Next we saw a woman that was in jail for smuggling in tobacco and she couldn’t pay her fine. She was jailed for two months.
Then we saw a kid called Eric O’ Brien. He was a pick-pocket and he was jailed for five years. He got whipped fifteen times a week.
Then we saw the graphite in one of the cells. We saw the hospital behind the jail. We were not allowed in there but it looked interesting. Then the tour guide told us all about the punishments they used on prisoners.
After the tour we saw a great movie about Cork City Jail. That was the best tour we were ever on we really enjoyed the day.

By Steven, Conor, Luke and Aidan

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