Cork City Gaol

Yesterday we went on a school tour to Cork City Gaol. We travelled by bus and it was great fun.
We went to the governor’s office and he was writing in a big book.  There was a picture of Queen Victoria and big keys.  We went out to the hall and saw a weighing  scales  which they used to weigh the prisoners to see if they had lost weight.
We also saw lots of models of prisoners and wardens.  One wing had women and children and the other wing was for men.  The prisoners had to eat very small portions of food. Then some of us locked our classmates into a cell.  The cells were very dirty and the beds were very uncomfortable.  Then we moved onto the women’s section and we saw a big model of the whole gaol.
They had a hospital behind the gaol and in front of the hospital they had an exercise yard for the prisoners.
Then when we were leaving they showed us a video about what life was like in Cork City Gaol.


By: Ronan, Stephen, Martin, Hugh and Troy (3rd Class).

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