Last year I went to Copenhagen to visit my cousins. They are three boys named John, Adam and little Jerry. John is seven, Adam is three and Jerry is one. They all live in Copenhagen. John is the quiet one, Adam is the energetic one and Jerry is between the two.

The start of the journey was by far the most exciting part. My aunt and I went on the train to Dublin to get to the airport. There we waited about three hours in security. This was because someone set off the alarm! Luckily it was all just a misunderstanding. What happened was that the person had a belt on in the metal detectors.

On the plane a child in front of us started crying. This really annoyed me. They were crying for half the flight. When we were in mid-air the televisions turned on. The landing was very rough. When we emerged out, there was a winter wonderland awaiting us.

The airport was very different than the one in Dublin. Almost every piece of writing was in Danish. Luckily I had a dictionary. There were also lots and lots of stairs. I was attracted to their souvenirs. One of them was a mermaid on a rock. This was the symbol of Denmark. We then took a taxi to my cousins’ house. It was a long journey because they lived in the countryside. When we arrived I saw a snowman in their lawn. We greeted each other and then started to play with the toys they received for Christmas.

The next day we went to Tivoli. This was an amusement park. We went on the rides and after we looked at their Christmas stalls. They had a lot of festive items.

Lastly, we went to the airport and said our goodbyes. This was by far the saddest part. We then got home and I was happy about my holiday. I was also very happy to be home. I wish that I could have a holiday like that one again.


Matthew Bradley

6th class

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