Concern Bake Sale

ConcernEach year 6.5 million children under five years old die from hunger-related causes. It’s easy to think you can’t make a difference, but every year you, and thousands of people like you, do! Concern Worldwide works with the poorest communities across Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. They help them find better ways to provide food for themselves now and in the future.
Every cake, bun and biscuit that was sold today will help Concern Worldwide support mothers like Monica and her daughter Deli with life-changing food and training.
We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to everyone for their overwhelming support of our Bake Sale! The event far exceeded our expectations and made us proud, once again, to be part of a community that supports charity, our pupils and our school.
Particular thanks to M. Jennifer and Rang V-VI who organised the event which raised a whopping €550.00.

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