Christmas 2012

Christmas in First and Second Class

Christmas is a special time of the year. It is a time when we celebrate Jesus being born. Jesus was born in a stable and he was visited by Three Wise Kings who brought him presents of frankincense, gold and myrrh.

We love presents in our class and if we are wonderful throughout the year, we get presents from Santa. Father Christmas is another name we have for Santa. We all wanted to stay up really late to see Santa because we wanted to give him a present. We didn’t stay awake as we wouldn’t get any presents ourselves.

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Silent Night in sign language

At Christmas, we have a Carol Service in the church and we also go to Super Valu to sing for everybody doing their shopping. We sing until our hearts pop out. We have to learn lots of songs and we have to practice really hard to get them all right and pull it off. Our favourite songs are We Three Kings, 12 Days of Christmas and Jingle Bell Rock. This year we did sign language for the chorus of Silent Night and we got a big round of applause for it.

Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus, enjoying yourself, caring, being with your family, sharing and having fun and love. Food is very important at Christmas. Some of our favourite foods are ice cream, sweets, Minstrels, M&Ms, chocolate, turkey, jelly, skittle ice cream, ham, spuds, chips and popcorn when we are watching Christmas movies.

Christmas Collage

Our Christmas Collage

Santa came to visit us in school and he brought us lots of games. Connect 4 launcher is our favourite one. We had no snow at Christmas this year but we had it in January. There is lots of snow in the North Pole and we tracked Santa making his journey around the world.

This photo shows our Christmas tree that we made in class. It shows how much we care about Christmas. We made the leaves by cutting out our hand prints and we decorated it with Christmas decorations that we coloured and put glitter on.

By – First and Second Class

Christmas Carol Service

Christmas Carol Service

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