My Trip to Boston

One day, in the middle of summer, I entered a competition on TV3 for a beautiful holiday to Boston. I received a phone call from TV3 the following day and the lady on the phone said ‘Your name has come out of the draw first so you have won yourself a magnificent holiday’. I was jumping around in glee because I would see my uncle for my first time since I was born. I started by packing my suitcase. I had many items of clothing in my suitcase because I would be gone for two weeks.

I felt very lonely at the airport in Cork city because none of my family had tickets for the marvellous holiday I had won; all I had was my phone. When I finally went through the security checks I bought myself a freezing cold drink and chewing gum so my ears wouldn’t pop on the plane. After that I went on the huge plane and sat down on my seat. Suddenly a young small man sat down beside me. He was wearing a black hat, a black t-shirt with a skull in the middle of it and thorn up jeans. He started chatting to me, he had an amazing personality. His name was Tom.

When I landed in Boston airport he seemed to be going in the same direction as me. He was slightly behind me so I started walking faster than I usually do; but he also started picking up the pace. This was very scary. I then went out of the airport and sat down on a wooden bench to look out at the tiny wonderful ducks. Suddenly I saw a big, black dog that looked as strong as an ox. He plunged into the shallow lake with the ducks. Just then Tom crept up beside me and stole my valuable phone. We both took off in a sprint. I was slightly faster than him but he had the head start. He then took a rapid left straight into an abandoned house. He darted up the stairs and I chased after him to try to get my phone.

In the house there was beautiful furniture. It looked like a tiny office for accountants. Just then I saw two cops pounce out at Tom with guns. ‘Hand the phone over mate!’ shouted the cop firmly. Tom tried to make a run for it but another cop tazed him. I then got my precious phone back off the cops and they thanked me. ’For what?’ I questioned. Then I gave a look at his records on the massive computer. I saw that he had many criminal records for shoplifting and pick pocketing and many more. After all of that madness I went touring the city for an hour before travelling to my Uncle Jones’s house.

I then traveled home on a gigantic boat back to Ireland to tell my family all about my trip to Boston.


Daniel O’ Leary, 6th class

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