Attacks in France

Attacks in France

I went to France to see a show I was invited to by the host. The show was due to take place at 9pm on Friday the 27th November. It was the 23rd November so I got ready to leave straight away.

I went to the airport and I boarded the plane for France. When I landed it was five o’ clock in the morning and I met my friend Harry who lives there. Suddenly we saw people breaking into a shop. We went over to inspect what they were doing. When we got closer we saw that they were wearing ski masks. We hid quickly and called the police.

The police came as quickly as they could. They eventually arrived and arrested the robbers. It was 7 o’ clock in the morning and Harry wanted to show me around Paris. So we got into his car and drove around to see all the amazing buildings.

Firstly we stopped off at his house so I could leave my luggage there. After that we went to a massive, colourful shop to buy some buy sweets and coke. When we bought our shopping we went to a park.

We got there and I heard gun shots. I went to inspect the place where the sounds came from. When I got up close I saw about fifteen people with guns. We found out they were terrorists! Harry and I ran as fast as the wind.

Suddenly Harry got shot in the leg. I stopped running and ran back to get him. Ipicked him up and dashed for an alley way. I put him down and called the police, also an ambulance.

The ambulance arrived first and took Harry away. Then the police came with the army. I watched while they fought. After the fighting the terrorists were injuredand arrested. I got a taxi and went to the hospital to see Harry.

I got there and he was patched up and ready to go. I got another taxi and went to Harry’s house. When wegot there we had bacon and cabbage for dinner and went to bed. The rest of the trip in France was brilliant.

I went to the airport, got on a plane and went home. When I got home I realised that I missed the show. I will not be going to France for a long time.


Kalem Browne

6th class

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