It was a bright and sunny morning when we left the house for the airport. We were all as busy as bees. Dad was driving so slowly that we nearly missed our flight. We had first class seating on the plane therefore it cost a lot of money. After a while the temperatures dropped to -10 degrees. That could only mean two things; either we were on the top of Mount Everest or we had made it to Alaska!

The plane had finally landed and we were in Alaska. Alaska was an absolutely beautiful place, but it was so cold that my whole foot went numb and therefore I could hardly walk.

It took us a while to settle in to Alaska but we settled in perfectly. Alaska was a place that I thought had no shops but I was wrong. It had about one million shops. It had shops such as Holister, Smyths, Tesco, McDonalds as well as Pennys. Once we had arrived at the hotel we checked in. The hotel was a 5 star hotel. It had a bubble bath, a bed and a restaurant that I loved. A few hours later we went for dinner. I had a burger and chips and we all ate a pizza.

Day two of our trip was magnificent and we were all as fresh as daisies after a great sleep the night before. We went to the shops and I went to Smyths as well as Penneys. Penneys is where I got my cozy jacket. We all went back to the hotel and went to the swimming pool. The swimming pool was a pool of freezing cold water. After a while we went for dinner in the restaurant. The restaurant was a lovely place to have dinner because the waiters were so pleasant and there was a lovely smell of flowers. For my meal I ordered chicken curry with chips and for desert I got chocolate fudge cake. After a while we went to the games room. The games room was fantastic. It had forty pool tables, seventy six fuse ball tables, one hundred Xbox one consoles, one thousand Xbox games and a free PlayStation four for everyone at the hotel. After that we went and watched the Manchester United versus FC Barcelona game in the sports bar. The reason I liked the sports bar was because it always showed sports and you could get free drinks there. The next day we went fishing and we saw a megalodon roaming the beautiful and mysterious sea.


When we got back to the hotel we all went to the bedroom to only find Cristiano Ronaldo sitting on my bed! He gave me a season ticket to Real Madrid and also Cristiano said that he would be rejoining Manchester United and never leaving again. I was delighted with this news.


My family and I thought the trip was amazing. When we checked out of the hotel we got into a taxi and went to the airport. We checked our bags in and soon we were on the plane back to Ireland. When we got to Cork airport we got in our car and we were safely back home in Newmarket in less than one hour.


                                                                            Ben O’ Doherty, 5th Class

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