A visit to Co. Clare

A visit to Co. Clare

On the 10th of August, my family and I went on our holidays. We had booked our accommodation at The Inn, in Dromoland, Co. Clare. We were all excited about the three fun filled days ahead of us.                                                                                                                       When we got to Newmarket on Fergus, we could not find the hotel. My dad realised that we had passed the turn off at the roundabout and we had gone right into Newmarket on Fergus. We turned around and rang my aunt Anne because she had been there the week before. When we eventually got to the hotel, my dad and I went to check in. When we came back out we unpacked the car and went up to our room. Our room was on the second floor and was room 156. In the room there was a double bed and three single beds. We couldn’t wait to get down to the pool so we quickly gathered our swimming gear and went straight down to the pool. The shallow end in the pool was three foot six and the deep end was five foot six. We spent over an hour in the pool. Then we went up to the room and freshened up and went down for dinner. I had fish and chips for my dinner and so did my dad. While my dad was eating his dinner, he broke his tooth on a hard bit of fish and it was really funny and everyone was looking at us. We stayed in the bar for an hour and after, we went up to the room and watched some television. We went to bed early to be fresh for the next day.

The next day, we all woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed. We got ready and went down to the dining room. We all ate a big breakfast. There was a road behind the hotel which lead to Dromoland Castle and a golf course. We walked down the road, into the reception area to have a look and then walked around the grounds. When we got back from our walk, we went up to the room and packed our stuff for the swimming pool. When we were finished in the pool we came back up to the room and freshened up. Then we went down to the car because we were going to Ennis to go shopping. When we got to Ennis, we went into the car park to park the car. After we parked the car, we went shopping and I bought a new pair of shoes. In Supermacs we had a bite to eat before driving back to our hotel. My dad, Odhran and I got our hurleys and sliotar and played hurling, while Katie played in the park. After, we went up to our room and got ready because we had dinner booked in the restaurant. After dinner, we went to a puppet show followed by a disco for children. When the puppet show was over we went to bed.

The following day we visited Lahinch. It was a very cold and windy day there. My mom and dad had forgotten their jackets so dad and I went to the shop to buy some. My mom bought Katie and Odhran buckets and spades and she bought me a soccer ball. We all played for a while and as we were playing, my mom had gone to the cafe and surprised us with hot chocolate and muffins. When we were finished, we headed off for the Cliffs of Moher. When we arrived it was very busy with lots of tourists. Once we had paid we made our way to the cliffs on foot. As we climbed higher, the view was amazing. My mom got really mad because my sister wouldn’t hold her hand. We had to turn because my mom was feeling a little dizzy. On our way down we stopped at the visitor centre which was built into the hill. We walked around the visitor centre for a while and read about the history of the cliffs. We were all getting hungry so we went upstairs to the restaurant and had our lunch. Afterwards, we got an ice-cream each and headed back to our hotel. When we got back we met our cousins and went into the games room where we all had so much fun. We were in and out to our moms and dads. When all our tokens were gone, we went back into the bar and got a drink and crisps. Before going to bed, we went outside to see the meteor shower but did not see anything because it wasn’t dark enough. Then we went off to bed as giddy as goats.

The following morning, we were lonesome because we were going home. We went and had breakfast for the last time in the hotel. Afterwards, we went outside to play with our cousins while my mom packed up our stuff. My mom had left our swimming gear out. Before going in we had a game of crazy golf and Odhran came first, Katie came second, I came third while dad came fourth. When we came in, our dad took us down to the pool for one last splash. When we came up, it was time to check out. We went down to reception and checked out.

We headed off on our way home, stopping at the shopping centre in Limerick on route to do some shopping. We called and collected our dog Izzy from our Nana and Grandad’s house. It was my favourite holiday by far.


By Michael Lane 5th class

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